Gold Coast Sunny Superfood Salad

Gold Coast Launches New Sunny Superfood Salad

Aug 31, 2018

Original Article Here by Kayla Webb

SANTA MARIA, CA – Salads are a staple in lunchboxes, on menus, and in produce aisles, but it never hurts to razz up interest with new flavors and offerings. Gold Coast Packing recently launched the Sunny Superfood Salad for foodservice and already it’s started a buzz around the industry. Adding a fun, bright selection of flavors into the salad mix, the Sunny Superfood Salad is bringing summer sunshine to the culinary world year-round and reinvigorating salad as a mainstay eating option.

I tapped Crystal Chavez, Marketing Coordinator, to get the full details on this exciting new offering and to find out when I can get my hands on it at retail.

“Following the PMA Foodservice show, we have had a lot of great feedback on our Sunny Superfood Salad,” Crystal tells me. “We have had several requests for samples and have been sending out our salad to several interested customers. The responses have all been positive and we keep hearing the same thing: The salad is bright, colorful, and unique!”

The Sunny Superfood Salad is a tasty blend of kale, Napa and green cabbage, carrots, watermelon radish, broccoli slaw, and cilantro that Crystal says can be paired with any protein to make it a complete hot or cold meal that is unlike any other item foodservice operators have on their menus.

“What makes this product unique is that it has so much color and texture, plus it’s loaded with superfoods. The kale and cabbages are full of health benefits and can go with a variety of flavor profiles, the carrots and broccoli give this blend a great crunch, the watermelon radish adds a gorgeous burst of fuchsia color, and the cilantro throws in a punch of flavor. You really can’t go wrong with this colorful salad,” Crystal explains.

For those of you in retail itching to offer this product, Crystal reveals that it’s not out of the question for the Sunny Superfood Salad to hit grocery shelves soon. As long as the demand and volume is there, Gold Coast Packing will always work with its customers to create what will work for them.

In addition, Crystal shares that Gold Coast Packing has received requests for smaller pack sizes and has since added a line of Portion Packs to its meal kit, in-store kit, and home delivery offerings that includes 2 oz spinach, 6 oz shredded kale, 8 oz broccoli, and more.