Food Safety

At Gold Coast Packing Inc., Food Safety is our Number One Priority and an integral part of our entire operation which includes growing, harvesting, processing, packaging, warehousing, and distribution.

Primus Labs
Primus Labs
Institute for food safety and health
Primus Auditing Ops
Commercial food sanitation
California Certified Organic Farmers
Kosher Certification
  • Microbiological Testing Program – Our new, fully equipped, in-house Microbiological Laboratory performs raw product, in process, finished product, and environmental testing.
  • Pre-Op Inspections – These are performed every morning prior to startup to ensure the facilities and equipment are clean. ATP swabbing is performed to evaluate our sanitation crew’s performance.
  • Metal Detection Program – All finished product processing lines include metal detectors that are routinely employed throughout the day.
  • HAACP Program – All Critical Control Points (CCPs) in our operation are identified, monitored, and documented.
  • Trace/Recall Program – Our Recall Team conducts mock recall drills to ensure complete and timely retrieval of any suspect product. All raw and finished products are “lot coded” and can be traced back to specific suppliers, growers, ranches, fields, and plots.
  • Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) – Food safety begins on the farm. All products harvested for Gold Coast Packing are harvested using current Good Agricultural Practices.
  • Good Manufacturing Practices – We always operate in compliance with the FDA’s Code of Federal Regulations – Title 21 – Part 110.
  • 3rd Party Food Safety Audits – Primus Labs conducts audits of the processing plant, coolers, harvest crews, and ranches.
  • Training – All newly-hired and current employees are trained in all aspects of Gold Coast Packing’s Food Safety Program.