Setting Sail on a New Adventure

Setting Sail on a New Adventure

Mar 7, 2017

Welcome to our first Produce Navigator post. Thanks for being here, we’re glad you joined us on this journey. Gold Coast Packing has been providing US grown produce since 1978. We strive to continuously provide fresh, innovative, value added products. As a grower, shipper and processor we make sure our customers receive the best quality products available. Our goal is to stay ahead of the consumer by creating new and healthy alternatives like our Caulifornia Snow™.

Broccoli Fields, Santa Maria, CA.

California has finally received some much, needed rain. We have seen more showers in February then we have in what feels like ages. It has flooded some areas, filled reservoirs and replenished our water supply! Finally, after four years, California is nearly out of the drought. As our fields dry from the recent rains, we will see how the abundance of precipitation will affect our crops. We’ll keep you posted on any harvesting setbacks.

Our Marketing and Product Development Teams have been busy working on several new and exciting projects. This blog is just one of our latest endeavors. This month we are partnering up with a professional video production company, and shooting videos for some upcoming product launches. In April, you’ll get the first look at a step by step recipe tutorial featuring our Caulifornia Snow™. You won’t want to miss this tasty dish!

Our Hidden Gem! Cauliflower

We hope you enjoyed our first post. We want to keep you all engaged and in the loop. Stick around, there will be new adventures you will get to join us on. We want to hear from you too. What do you want to see? What new products should we create? Let the Produce Navigator take you there.