Gold Coast Veggie Hash

Gold Coast Packing is ‘All About the Hash’ at PMA Foodservice

Jul 19, 2017

Original Article Here by Keith Loria

Gold Coast Packing, Inc., based in Santa Maria, CA, is looking forward to attending the PMA Foodservice show this year, and as always, has some big plans for its involvement.

The company invites people to come over to Booth No. 1006, where it will be serving up hash, as well as its complete lineup of value-added vegetables and herbs and salad kits.

Sautéed Veggie Hash Salad

“This year we will be showcasing our new Gold Coast Veggie Hash and showing the foodservice world that hash isn’t just for breakfast,” said Crystal Chavez, marketing coordinator for the company. “Our hash is a blend of gold beets, kohlrabi and fennel. It comes washed, cubed and ready to use. Our new versatile hash can be sautéed and served up as the perfect dinner side dish next to your favorite steak, or it can be roasted and placed over a bed of your favorite greens for lunch or it can be grilled up next to your morning eggs.”

Gold Coast Veggie Hash

Gold Coast Packing finds that PMA is the perfect opportunity to highlight new innovations and connect easily with those in the foodservice industry — important aspects for the company to maintain its success.

“We enjoy sharing what we’ve been working on and getting feedback on our newest offerings from attendees,” Chavez said. “It’s a great event and one that the team looks forward to each year.”

The Gold Coast Packing team has been growing, with the company expanding in recent months. Chavez noted that adding to the team and bringing so much industry talent together to grow the company has made it an exciting time.

“We are working to grow our retail line, and many exciting things are in the works for us,” she said.

Located in the Santa Maria Valley, nestled on the central coast, the company grows, processes and packs an assortment of value-added vegetables all-year round and partners with other growing operations locally and process in its state-of-the-art processing plant, Fresh Venture Foods, which it co-owns with Babe Farms.

White Chavez admits the beginning of 2017 has presented some challenges, the company sees a brighter second half of the year ahead.

“It was a tough spring with tight supply after a very wet winter. We faced some challenges with low supply of some of our items,” she said. “We are looking forward to the rest of 2017, now that our supply is better.”